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How it works

Helphour partners with different organisations to bring individuals and companies altogether. Teach students 21st century skills, and prepare citizens for the workforce.

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Road Map for Student/Volunteers

Unskilled User

Learning happens when you connect your concepts with practical applications and Helphour academy can give the opportunity to an unskilled user to sign up at an academy and learn the skills of the future and make your own success with knowledge and learning.

Start Learning with Helphour Academy

Users from all over the world can enroll in 21st-century courses both free/paid courses with unlimited access to hundreds more.


Volunteerly Work with Helphour

Whatever you’ll learn or skills you get - there are hundreds of open-source projects out there looking for volunteers. And you can work for them voluntarily to build up your profile. A great chance to join a team where you will work on real projects from the start. A purposeful outcome that has meaning to them can lead them to build profiles and companies can hire them on the basis of their skill set.

Find your mentor.

HelpHour businesses understand digital marketing. In exchange for your time, these businesses will help you grow your skills, gain practical experience, and expand your professional network.

Usman Chughtai

eCommerce Wala

Provide SEO services to Inc 5000 companies
Over 7 years of SEO experience
Increased organic traffic for golf software site to 7-figure sales
Rehan Allah Wala

Founder at Rehan Foundation

Started my first business at 12
Nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30
InHerShoes recognized by CSQ Magazine Top Millennial #NextGen Organizations
Qais Ali Abbas

Senior Software Engineer at Helphour

Spent 3+ years working at Google, Samsung, and Johnson & Johnson
Earned an MBA from Harvard Business School
I Launched a non-profit in Florida that grew to 120+ volunteers

Road Map for Companies


To provide a comprehensive approach get your team hired - Skills can be taught through the academy. Connect skills and concepts to students' interests. Behind every great marketing team is an ambitious intern willing to go the extra mile. Choose the volunteers yourself & build your team.

Teach 21st Skills on Helphour Academy

Building online courses and converting your knowledge and skills to online learning for students and user. Building a community that's going to be able to work together to get through the learning challenges.


Key benefits

By the end, you'll have a clear picture of how to run a successful company by hiring expert teams and giving them paid work.

Start Finding the Right Resourse for your Bussiness.

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Relevant Skills

Up to date skills that are relevant to the exact job you will be doing are the most important type of skills. Helphour teaches skills that are directly applicable to the real world.


Work Experience

Work experience is the bread and butter of getting a job. Most jobs ask for 2 years work experience. Helphour connects you with skilled professionals for 3 month apprenticeships.


Industry Relationships

Most hires companies make don’t come from job boards. They come from referrals or people they already know. Building industry relationships is the key to getting hired.


Earn Future Currency

Most hires companies make don’t come from job boards. They come from referrals or people they already know. Building industry relationships is the key to getting hired.

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